Recent Publications

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Morales-Williams, A.M., A.D. Wanamaker, Jr., and J.A. Downing. 2017. Cyanobacterial carbon concentrating mechanisms facilitate sustained CO2 depletion in eutrophic lakes. Biogoesciences 14: 2865-2875. https://doi.org/10.5194/bg-14-2865-2017

Williams, C.J., P.C. Frost, A.M. Morales-Williams, J.H. Larson, W.B. Richardson, A.S. Chiandet, and M.A. Xenopoulos. 2015. Human activities cause distinct dissolved organic matter composition across freshwater ecosystems. Global Change Biology.  DOI: 10.1111/gcb.13094. 

Larson, J.H., P.C. Frost, M.A. Xenopoulos, C.J. Williams, A.M. Morales-Williams, J. Vallazza, J.C. Nelson, and W.B. Richardson. 2014. Controls over spatial variation in dissolved organic matter change along the river to lake transition. Ecosystems. 17(8): 1413-1425, DOI: 10.1007/ s10021-014-9804-2.